More About Me

A little more about me:  I’m not a writer, but I talk a lot.  I think a lot.  I’m really private, but I’m not.  I was born in Missouri, but moved to Arizona when I was 7.  My first seven years, I lived on a farm where we grew our own vegetables and fruits – and raised a few random animals.  We didn’t have a TV until I was 7.  It wasn’t because we couldn’t afford it; it was simply our lifestyle.  I’v been called a free spirit several times in my life and I take that as a compliment.

I live for the outdoors, animals, road trips, travel, camping, nature, photography, music, art, beer, hiking, kayaking, food, baking, maps, State Parks, the oceans, thunderstorms, lakes, rivers, traveling Arizona and so much more.

I’m not going to share exactly where I live in Arizona, my relationship status, nor where I work.   However,  I will share many photos I’ve taken (past and present) and also ramble on about experiences that mean a lot to me. I no longer have Facebook or Instagram and I have eliminated comments from my website because of annoying SPAM.

Thanks for kind of getting to know me.

“It is impossible for you to go on as you were before, so you must go on as you never have.”
― Cheryl Strayed