Meet the Pets

Currently the five greatest animals alive:  Sam, Max, Cleo, Boston and Lady

This is Sam.  He is a Lab/Husky Mix.  He was born April 1st, 2017.  He ranks up there with Marley, from Marley & Me.  Future posts will explain.  He likes to lay on top of me, he cries in high pitch voices when meeting a stranger (because he loves people so much) and he loves to eat all of the plants in the back yard.  However, he is the sweetest, softest, smartest, most loving dog one could ever share existence with.


This is Max.  An obvious German Shepherd purebred, I adopted him December 2017.  I adopted him from a shelter at roughly 8 months old in order to – uhh, contain Sam’s destructive “separation anxiety” issues.  Together they are better, but not 100% non-destructive.  He isn’t a people person, except for my immediate family.  He is the most loyal, protective, smartest, loving dog I could ever ask for.


Cleo (Calico), 13 years.  Boston (Orange Tabby), 11 years.  Lady (Tortie), 9 years.
They hate the dogs with a passion, but we co-exist.  Cleo likes to sleep in a box, Boston likes to eat, and Lady likes to be dramatic.  We have shared a long, happy life together, the four of us.