When I was younger, my dad and I would often take road trips back and forth from Arizona to Missouri.  I was born in Missouri and lived there until I was 7.  My dad has always been great at navigating on the road and would often take us on different routes; not even on long road trips, but even small ones.  Growing up, we didn’t have google maps or phones to look up destinations, which made everything so much more exhilarating.  We used a real map that folded out roughly 3 feet by 2 feet.  When maps advanced, we had it in a large book form.

As a young lady, my dream was to move to Seattle, California or New York City.   Seattle for the rain, California because of FIDM and NYC because I wanted to become an actress.  Those dreams have faded, but my love for travel has not.  If I had the money and all of the free time imaginable, I would road trip all over the USA and document it (with my dad).  For now, I am going to start with Arizona.  My goal is to travel all around Arizona and explore what it has to offer.  This is a wonderful state.  There maybe some other random posts in there also: baking, cats, music, life……..

To my dad, who is still alive; thank you for showing me the ways of the road.