About BMGN

Hi.  Welcome to birdmakegoodneighbors.com.  I’ve had this domain since about 2006, but never actually published a website.  I meant to, but was too busy getting wrapped up into social media and the busies of life.   The name of the website is from the band, The Rosebuds, with an album titled the same.  Years ago, when I got married in Knoxville, a friend gave me a bird feeder for a wedding present.  The album came out in 2005 and I was married in 2006.  After my wedding, I placed the feeder up and a glorious mix of birds showed up, which I had never paid attention to before.  I had been listening to the album at the same time, which I obviously adored.  Combining a compassion for the birds in my backyard and the music, I decided to name my website such.

The main reason I am finally putting together this website is inspiration from a road trip, from Arizona to Missouri, I recently took with my dad.  He and I would take the same road trip several times a year as I was growing up, sometimes going different routes – and it was the highlight of my life.  As a family, we would also camp several times a year just outside of the Valley, hike Camelback Mountain religiously, take road trips to Disneyland and spend countless hours just being outside.  They are the fondest of memories.

This is for my dad.  You have taught me so many things and I love you. (PS:  I love my mom, too).