AZ to MO (and back) via iPhone: New Mexico/Arizona: Part 2

After sleeping in the car at the Walmart parking lot in Amarillo (after Cracker Barrel), we left early and arrived at Texico around 3am.  Our tire light came on and we filled up with air headed to Clovis, NM.



On our way to Missouri, from Arizona, I happened to see a street name with our last name!  It happened so quickly, I wasn’t able to get a photo.  Heading back to Arizona from Missouri, I happened to screen shot where we were at, since it was dark and I wasn’t able to get photos.  Our family street name is located just outside of Portales, NM.  It was really special to share with my dad.



Portales, NM to Rosewell, NM was our path home.  Bottomless Lakes State Park is just outside of Roswell, right along the 380.

Roughly at 6am we arrived at Almagordo, NM (Lincoln National Forest) and I am obsessed with LNF!



I was driving so couldn’t take many photos, but this place was absolutely magical.  It was June 20th, Summer, pine trees all over and 50 degrees!  It was so unexpected and a different world!

There are a lot of Indian Reservations in New Mexico and like Arizona, certain areas one needs approval to camp, hike, etc.  Lincoln National Forest is definitely a place I want to research to visit again; so beautiful and something different than Arizona.

The only other photos I was able to get while driving was through White Sands and the photos are pretty terrible.


From here on out, I drove the rest of the way home to AZ.  It was a great experience and so special to share with my dad.  We are planning to go again next year!

As far as Arizona, more will come, since I live here.  I did manage to pick up a shot glass, a magnet and a lottery ticket in each state.  I won $4 in one of the states, but you actually have to go back to the state to collect.  Next year!


Up next: Arizona, Dogs, Recipes, and more!

Lots of love to my dad who is reading this (and mom).   It was a great, great time.  I love you, Dad!