AZ to MO (and back) via iPhone: Arkansas

The summer 2018 trip from Arizona to Missouri (and back) continues with my point of view from the car – via my iPhone.  I sort of had writer’s block the last month or so (temporarily qualifying myself an actual writer).  I wasn’t sure how I wanted to journal about the rest of the road trip, being in a car the rest of the way.  I originally wanted to write, in detail, about every cute town I came across or about every single State Park I saw a sign of.  I even jotted notes down in my “Let’s Go See: All 50! Visiting the 50 States Journal” I got from World Market.  Without photos to back all of this up (we weren’t able to stop as much as I wanted to), and this website being more on the lines of a photo journaling site, I decided otherwise.  This being said, photo quality – not so great.  It also now being September and my trip was in June, memories aren’t so fresh.

Arkansas to Oklahoma

From Kennett, MO to Oklahoma, the route was:
Paragould to OKC border

Paragould, AR @ 5:07 AM
Bradford, AR @ 6:32 AM
Conway, AR @ 7:33 AM
Russellville, AR @ 8:24 AM
Clarksville, AR @ 8:45 AM
Van Buren, AR @ 10:21 AM


I was in charge of the Pandora station, so knowing my dad loved Bluegrass, that’s what we listened to.  And the music was perfect for the midwest journey we were on.  Here are a few songs to enjoy:

In Bradford, AR I took a couple of satellite screenshots of a body of water I have been trying to figure out since I got home!  I think what we crossed is the White River.  I think!  The river is 722 miles and flows through Arkansas and Missouri.  The only other two options are Oats Creek or Departee Creek.

Two things about Conway, AR,  It is home to Season 8 winner of American Idol, Kris Allen  and Lake Conway is the largest reservoir made by game and fish.  I did not know these two facts!  Lake Conway is 6.700 acres and construction began in 1948.  The lake is roughly 8 miles long with 52 miles of shoreline.  I wasn’t able to stop and take some photos, unfortunately.

Russellville, AR has Lake Dardanelle State Park and all I can say is wow.  It is located on two sites on the lake, one in Russellville, Arkansas and one in Dardanelle, Arkansas, on the 34,300-acre Lake Dardanelle.

Clarksville, AR, Exit 55, heads to Mt. Magazine State Park. Mount Magazine gets its name from French explorers who, while traveling through the area, witnessed a landslide on the mountain. The noise from the landslide was so great that one explorer described it as the sound of an ammunition magazine exploding, hence the name “Magazine”.

Van Buren, AR (almost to the border of OK!) is located directly northeast of Fort Smith at the Interstate 40 – Interstate 540 junction. The city was incorporated in 1845 and as of the 2010 census had a population of 22,791, ranking it as the state’s 22nd largest city, behind Searcy.

Honorable mentions along the way are Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge and Petit Jean State Park.

Next post: Oklahoma!