St. Charles, Missouri

As mentioned in my last post, I was born in St. Charles, MO, right outside St. Louis.  My very first house (when I was born) was located at 44 Lark Ave.  We decided to drive by and take some photos.



The Missouri River is about 10 minutes away from here.  You can see the hospital I was born at from the riverbank.  Pio’s, located right next to the hospital and right around the corner from my first house, was where my mom and dad used to eat on a regular basis. It’s still there!



Downtown St. Charles wasn’t the cute, historic district it was back in the 70’s.  Shops and brick roads didn’t exist.   Living 10 minutes away from the Missouri River would be a dream of mine and here are my parents in the 70’s standing on, what is now, Historic District and Katy Trail.

The Katy Trail State Park is a Missouri state park and a 225 mile recreation rail trail that runs from St. Charles near the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers to Clinton, which is about 75 miles southeast of Kansas City. The trail is commonly known as the Katy Trail as it follows the right-of-way of the former Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad and is the longest Rails-to-Trails trail in the United States.  Credit

Here is a great resource for those who want to run or bike the trail.  And here is a great resource for visiting downtown.

Founded in 1769, St. Charles served as the state’s first Capitol.  It has more than 100 shops, restaurants and cafe’s.  It wasn’t open at the time I was strolling through downtown, but I really wanted to visit RT Weilers.  Everything is dog themed, right down to your plates – and is dog friendly out on the patio.

It was really sentimental walking around the area I was born and here are some photos to share: