Missouri River, St. Charles Missouri

Where do I even begin writing about the Missouri River?  I am a little overwhelmed with writing about it because it stretches from Montana all the way to Missouri:

Missouri River

The length of the river is 2,342 miles and enters into the Mississippi River just north of St. Louis.  Britannica says it’s the second largest river in North America, but Wikipedia states it’s the largest river in North America.

Wanting to state the facts about the Missouri River all the way from Montana to Missouri is impossible, so I’ll just stick to where I took photos of it.  And that was in downtown St. Charles, Missouri.  I was actually born in St. Charles, just outside of St. Louis.

St. Joseph Hospital

More about St. Charles, MO in my next post.

The scenery of the river was so beautiful.  There is a lot of water in Missouri and I was obsessed.   I wish I had time to visit more.  Here are some snap shots of the river on the banks of downtown St. Charles, MO.

A short video I took of the river can be found here.  Recreation ideas can be found here.