Lake Lincoln

Cuivre River State Park

Last post, I was passing Picacho Peak in Arizona and I’m already in Missouri?  I wanted to skip ahead to Missouri and work my way backwards.  I miss the green and the trees and the storms!  I do NOT miss the mosquitoes, ticks, ginormous spiders or humidity!

There are over 90 State Parks in Missouri!  I happened to be close to Cuivre River State Park located in Troy, Missouri.  This is about 30 minutes from the outskirts of St. Louis.  It’s pronounced “Quiver River”.  Established in 1934, it’s acreage is 6, 427.

The most important thing I can say is (and please listen carefully):
“Ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes are common in Missouri April through October”, according to my trail information pamphlet – and this is true!  Ticks were really bad the time I was there and if you stood still for less than two seconds, ticks would be crawling up your leg.  Luckily I doused myself in repellent and I wore shorts, meaning I could feel them crawl up me, so I was able to brush them off.  I had zero bites.

According to my trail guide, in 1946, President Harry S Truman signed a letter transferring the Cuivre River Recreation Demonstration Area (which was acquired from 1934-1946) to the state, creating Cuivre River State Park.

The park is located in a region northwest of St. Louis called the Lincoln Hills.  It resembles the Ozarks, where I lived as a small child.  Natural areas include Big Sugar Creek Natural Area, George A. Hamilton Forest Natural Area.  Wild Areas include Northwoods Wild Area and Big Sugar Creek Wild Area.

There are twelve trails.  I did the Blazing Star Trail, which is about 2 miles, but takes about an hour and a half.  I wish I had time to hike more, but the ticks definitely deterred me, so I hopped on a kayak instead.


Additional Recreation
Fishing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Boat Ramp, Camping, Swimming, Trails, Picnicking, Metal Detecting (with a perm, Equestrian Trails and Campgrounds, Visitor Center & More

It’s free to get into the park!  I couldn’t believe it!  It’s $7 to get into Arizona State Parks.  And the kayaking is insanely cheap.  It’s $10 for two hours or $25 for the day!

The wildlife is amazing!  I saw turtles, fish flopping while grabbing bugs on top of the water, a mom and baby deer!, dragonflies, birds.  There’s a swimming area on the “beach”, but I don’t think I could muster the strength to get in (without alcohol).  And there is no booze allowed at the “beach”.  There were definitely a lot of creatures below the water.


Now you know why I wanted to skip to the “good stuff”.  Amazing park!