Portland, Maine

My first trip is to Portland, Maine.  It was founded July 4, 1786.

With over 66,000 full-time residents, taken from portlandmaine.com, Portland swells to two million with the addition of its seasonal visitors and part-time residents in the summertime. The city is located on a peninsula in Casco Bay with access to many islands such as Peak’s, Great Diamond, and Long Island.

Portland stands as one of the few working waterfronts left in the United States, acting as New England’s largest tonnage seaport and second largest fishing port. Portland is also the largest foreign inbound transit tonnage port in the United States! Each year our port alone handles over 206,000 international passengers, including 41,000 cruise ship passengers.

As the economic capital of Maine, major national financial institutions as well as law firms and import/export companies base their Maine operations out of Portland. Walking through downtown Portland, you will notice modern high-rise office buildings located in historic districts intermixed with centuries old architecture.

“Yes.  Life’s good here.” from it’s official city website.  One local newspaper is the Press Herald.  And 25 things you should know about Portland, Maine include #18. Attention, gum chewers: The first factory that was ever built specifically to manufacture this treat was constructed in Portland by businessman John Curtis. His company, Curtis & Son, set up the facility way back in 1850.  I, personally, chew about $20 worth of gum a month.  I never knew!

Edited 01/15/17:  I recently read Anna Kendrick’s book  and she is from Portland, Maine, also.  Good read!

Thanks Portland, Maine for letting me stop by.




“Why Birds Make Good Neighbors”?  Years ago, about ten or so, I began listening to a band called The Rosebuds.  They have an album called “Birds Make Good Neighbors” and I absolutely loved the title.

When I was married, I received a bird feeder as a gift.  It was an unusual gift, I thought, but after the honeymoon, I decided to hang it up outside my kitchen window.  The most amazing thing happened.  Birds!  Bluejays, Cardinals, Nuthatches, Chickadees, Squirrels, you name it; it attracted the most beautiful wildlife.  And from then on, I was a bird lover.  Sounds nerdy, but that’s how I put the two together.

koons_tiffany_hummingbirdbabiesBaby Hummingbirds. 2010. Arizona (C) BMGN