New Guy

I have a new guy in my life; his name is Sam.  He’s a lab/husky mix and was born on April 1st, 2017.



Sam is now 4 months and ready to hit the road with me, once summer chills out a bit!  My goal is to take him hiking and kayaking with me.  We have so much to learn together; if he likes the boat, if he likes water, how far of a car ride he can handle, if he likes hiking, etc.


He’s such a good bud, and I am happy.



“Why Birds Make Good Neighbors”?  Years ago, about ten or so, I began listening to a band called The Rosebuds.  They have an album called “Birds Make Good Neighbors” and I absolutely loved the title.

When I was married, I received a bird feeder as a gift.  It was an unusual gift, I thought, but after the honeymoon, I decided to hang it up outside my kitchen window.  The most amazing thing happened.  Birds!  Bluejays, Cardinals, Nuthatches, Chickadees, Squirrels, you name it; it attracted the most beautiful wildlife.  And from then on, I was a bird lover.  Sounds nerdy, but that’s how I put the two together.

koons_tiffany_hummingbirdbabiesBaby Hummingbirds. 2010. Arizona (C) BMGN