Above is the healthy version of my youngest cat, Babygirl.  She is only two and a half years old.  She has been sick for about two weeks now.  I have cancelled plans just to stay home and monitor her.  I am posting this because I have been looking up articles and articles about cats with IBS.  IBS is what she was diagnosed with two weeks ago, the vet trying to rule this out first.  Her symptoms have been, so far:

  • vomiting
  • loss of appetite
  • loss of weight (she is down to 9 lbs.)
  • heavy breathing
  • lethargy (or just not acting herself)

Before I decided to spend $200 on blood work, plus $200 on x-rays, I was told to try a drug called Prednisolone.  It’s a steroid that is suppose to reduce the amount of inflammation in her stomach/bowels and stop her vomiting.  She would vomit after she ate and thus has led her to become “anorexic“.    She stopped eating.  I tried EVERYTHING, from Thanksgiving turkey to canned tuna to about 15 different varieties of canned food.

She has been on the Prednisolone for a week and she still won’t eat much.  A bite here and there, but the vomiting stopped right away.  One more desperate attempt yesterday led me to pick up Natural Balance (Duck and Pea) and a jar each of turkey and beef baby food.  She actually started eating the Natural Balance and I force fed her the baby food in a syringe.  The duck and pea, I read, is suppose to have a strong odor and a distinctive taste.  It’s pricy, but for now, I just need her to eat on her own.

Each cat is different in their treatments to IBS.   I am hoping Babygirl is back on the road to recovery.   I just wanted to share my story because there are SO many people that have this specific issue with their cats.  It’s a frustrating situation.

Hang in there.  I know I am trying, for her.


Before I start my travels, let me start by saying “Why Birds Make Good Neighbors”?  Years ago, about ten or so, I began listening to a band called The Rosebuds.  They have an album called “Birds Make Good Neighbors” and I absolutely loved the title.

When I was married, I received a bird feeder as a gift.  It was an unusual gift, I thought, but after the honeymoon, I decided to hang it up outside my kitchen window.  The most amazing thing happened.  Birds!  Bluejays, Cardinals, Nuthatches, Chickadees, Squirrels, you name it; it attracted the most beautiful wildlife.  And from then on, I was a bird lover.  Sounds nerdy, but that’s how I put the two together.

koons_tiffany_hummingbirdbabiesBaby Hummingbirds. 2010. Arizona (C) BMGN